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As plants, geraniums are bountiful, flowering and abundantly fragrant; these virtues make geranium oil a staple in any perfumer’s lab. Interestingly the leaves of the plant are the fragrant component rather than the flowers, and the oil is commonly extracted for perfumery by steam distilling both the leaves and the stem.

The beauty of geranium is its versatility and longevity. Moreover, it holds the potential for myriad diffusions from leafy-earthy to rosy-minty and rich. The leafy side adds to a fougere composition while its partnership with rose can encourage a greener, fresher rose scent as if you’ve just picked it from the garden. Indeed, geranium is even called “the other rose”, where its scent is sharper, and more herbaceous than traditional rose fragrances. Popular in soaps and lotions, geranium is often ubiquitous with clean. As a trend in perfumery the earthiness can reflect petroleum with a green nuance which impresses an expensive and exotic feel.

We’ve thoughtfully selected the perfumes in this pack to give you the best experience of the use of geranium. There are perfumes for reference as well as examples of how geranium can be styled as fresh, with rose, and as a chypre or fougere. We hope you come to know geranium as so much more than a simple floral note, but a complex and compelling material in its own right.

Explore this edit and immerse yourself in the generous world of geranium.

Talento Mendittorosa Rosy-minty geranium cocktail

A captivating blend and a pretty special fragrance; designed to leave a lasting impression. Geranium acts in herbaceous synergy with mint, rose and icy aldehydes, creating a flawless sparkling diffusion.

PG19.1 Neroli ad Astra Pierre Guillaume - Parfumerie Générale Dewy leafy-green

One of our all-time bestsellers, geranium delivers a heavenly green and musky nuance. With geranium, neroli is more verdant and sparkling rather than citrusy and super-fresh. This perfume exudes modern feminine sophistication.

Habanita Molinard Art Deco

This is an iconic blend. Geranium dances with oakmoss and rose, alluding to an Art Deco boudoir ambiance. The smooth and unique quality of geranium ensures this is more woody than sweet. Alluring and decadent.

No. 89 Floris Quintessential geranium

This perfume is a classical composition of a fougère with geranium taking center stage as a leafy-green note. Together with herbaceous lavender and citrusy neroli, geranium adds ‘joie de vivre’ to the fragrant charm and distinction of the blend.

Rose de Taif Perris Monte Carlo Reflecting the botanical rose

Geranium is one of the few materials in this exquisite perfume and is used only to highlight the beauty of the rare and fragrant rose de Taif. In its herbaceous synergy geranium brightens and reflects the peppery rose creating a flawless and captivating impression.

Acrasia Beaufort Crisp and thorny

We find geranium dancing with red wine and rose in this decadent and complex blend. Gentle spices become peppered by the refreshing nature of geranium while the jasmine and rose are empowered and wild.

Beso Dorado Beso Beach Where green balances sweet

In the background geranium is green and earthy promoting the pink pepper and juniper as lively and spicy tones. The cinnamon and patchouli ensure a warm and seductive diffusion, balanced with vibrant notes of vetiver, enhanced and refreshed by the cool geranium.

Black Gold Aura of Kazakhstan Luxurious and earthy

In its earthiest form geranium is highlighted by notes of crude oil and leather, conjuring a rich and altogether ‘expensive’ effect. Combined with woody vetiver and boozy rum, the strength of Black Gold is softened with styrax and cumin producing a much more sumptuous effect.

Garofano Lorenzo Villoresi Faithful and leaf-like

This perfume is a symphonic composition of geranium, carnation, rose, jasmine and spices. Geranium adds warmth and earthy greenness to the blend. This perfume is the closest to the aroma of freshly picked geranium leaves.