Honey Quest theme

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In this theme

In this edit we are taking you on a quest for honey in the stories that perfumers tell us. The honey theme can be approached in many ways.

There is literal material related to it - beeswax - that can be used in a perfume. This usually adds a sensual, leathery touch to the fragrance. Perhaps it might be a hint of honey in a pot, or a sweet nectar still in the flower (that bees will collect and later turn into honey by fermenting it in their stomachs, before regurgitating it to become food for larvae). Or it could be a complex scene, like that of a beehive in a meadow. The note doesn’t have to be synthetic - some extracts of flowers contain a strong honeyed nuance. In most instances, a honey note is an elaborate concoction assembled by a perfumer playing tricks with your perception and imagination.

We have selected perfumes to illustrate the use of beeswax, a story where you enter a beehive, a gourmand creation with honey icing, a stroll through a blooming meadow, and more.

Honey Oud Floris Lamborghini on a country lane

This perfume story could be about a Lamborghini on a country lane. The posh material of the decade – oud – mixing with the fine aroma of expensive leather, and the sweet ambiance of blooming countryside meadows.

Anatolia PRIN Baklava, loukoum and other delights

A beautiful, fragrant tale named for Anatolia, the land in Asia Minor (and at some point the heart of the Ottoman Empire) that also left its legacy in perfume with a style known as 'Turkish leather'. This styleis typically an incensey, spiced smooth leather idea with some nuances of dried fruit. The perfumer expands the theme with delicious hints at the local traditional desserts (aka delights) prepared with honey, such as baklava, loukoum and others. So we have one more exciting interpretation of the honey theme.

Vohina Pierre Guillaume Black Collection Aroma of lavender honey

A modern, minimalist perfume with a twist. It’s not just the aroma of honey, but the aroma of honey collected from a lavender field. Enjoy the intrigue: is it fresh and green, or is it sweet?

Sandor 70s CARNER Sweet honeyed tobacco

Enter a posh, bustling nightclub in the 70s, when inside smoking was still allowed. You're clubbing in dense clouds of sweet, honeyed cigar tobacco, wafts of cocktail aromas, and echoes of fine aftershaves. That’s Sandor 70s.

Rituale Mendittorosa Beeswax candles

Try this perfume for a nuance of beeswax candles. It’s fittingly named Rituale (ritual), and one can imagine a medieval doctor writing a precious recipe in a leather-bound folio. However, this story is open to interpretation, as long as it happens in the presence of plenty of sweetly melting candles.

Prive Ormonde Jayne Honey icing

This perfume does not officially feature a note of honey, but we want to encourage you in your quest for honey to explore beyond the obvious. In Privé, the combination of sweet gardenia, juicy mandarin, rich tonka and warm sandalwood create an amusing honey icing illusion.

Tabac Rouge Phaedon Paris Honey-infused shisha

This elixir will bestow upon the wearer waves of relaxed and luxurious wafts of honey-infused shisha. We looked at honey in its flower nectar mode, its solid state in a pot, the whole beehive ambiance, and in Tabac Rouge, it's more of a honey echo, travelling on waves of hot air.

Chœur des Anges Atelier des Ors Apiary surrounded by blooming meadows

Pure Lady SweDoft Meadow nectar

A lovely perfume story recreating the ambiance of a blooming meadow filled with buzzing bees collecting nectar. As a bonus, there are tiny wild strawberries hiding here and there.