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In this edit, we invite you to explore the blissful milky nuances found in certain perfumes. The lactonic (milky) effect can be a natural bonus of a flower or wood essence used in the formula or it can be a lab-engineered accord.

Nature is economical and clever: the same types of molecules are present in the metabolism of white flowers like jasmine and orange blossom, green grass, bulbs of early spring bloomers, trees and animals. Lactones (lac being a Latin root for words relating to milk) can be found in blossoms, stems and roots of certain plants, these chemicals protect them from parasites, fungi and mould. The smell of lactones is why we sometimes think of milk when smelling perfumes containing extracts of flowers, orris (iris root) or the accord of ‘freshly mown hay’.

This edit has both: perfumes containing the milky nuances, bestowed upon us by nature, as well as engineered artistic experiments, in which perfumers have used modern aromachemicals to recreate the desired milky effect; from the warmth of a steaming cup of sweet hot chocolate to the comforting clean essence of a baby's skin.

The Ghost In The Shell Etat Libre d'Orange A lab-engineered milk accord

A beautiful fantasy full of engineered accords; including milky skin accord which harnesses the gentle innocent echo of infants. This delicious bliss is complemented by accords of heavenly fruit, oceanic salty ambergris and plastic. The latter is a reference to the iconic anime about the distant future where cyborgs and people are hard to tell apart.

Elephant Zoologist Milky as in sandalwood sap

This perfume has a curious nuance akin to freshly chopped sandalwood exuding sticky sap. The sandalwood oil has a certain milky quality and this nuance has been further encouraged by a coconut milk accord.

Cow Zoologist Udderly Fresh Raw Milk

A gentle fantasy featuring aromas hovering above a sunlit meadow and that of raw milk still frothing in the bucket.

PALO SANTO CARNER Baked sweet milk trip

A perfume conjuring up a peaceful cosy moment, under a woolen blanket with a mug of steaming hot chocolate.

FIG PORN BORNTOSTANDOUT A lactonic floral example

PG10 Aomassaï Pierre Guillaume - Parfumerie Générale The milky nuance of hazelnut & other nuts

Aomassaï conjures sweet, dry oriental bitters. Roasted caramel married with orange and incense offers a perfect “olfactory bitterness”. Notes of honeyed caramel and dry grass give the milky nuance in this delicious, rich scent.

Mimosa Tanneron Perris Monte Carlo A lactonic floral example

This perfume is a dense milky haze of lactonic mimosa harvested just after spring wakes up in Grasse.

104 Le Privé Bon Parfumeur The milky sap of freshly cut grass

This perfume has a curious nuance akin to the aroma of freshly snapped flower stems exuding sticky sap. It has a certain milky quality. After all grass and humble meadow flowers is where milk starts (with the help of cows).

Iris Shot Olfactive Studio The creamy nuance of orris root

Full of natural iris root extract, this perfume is creamy rather than milky. Orris (root of iris) has a rich velvety creamy character that is often compared to the aroma of suede.