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Here we reflect on the three traditional themes in perfumery: fougère, chypre and amber. These are ‘old’ but golden formulas that act as the central pillars of the perfume world. Formulas which we can’t help but revisit, interpret, modify and update. This pack tours these three families of fragrance - eternally loved and universally explored.

The term "fougère," meaning "fern" in French, conjures a forest floor, a carpet of moss, resinous pine needles and bracken. They are rooted in lavender, oakmoss, and hay, yielding a green, herbal and musky sweet scent. Current interpretations regularly feature bergamot, geranium, and vetiver. We are forever drawn to fougeres for their embodiment of freshness while imbuing us with a masculine elegance and solid sophistication.

Describing a chypre is akin to capturing a mood—an elusive and enigmatic perfume family that defines abstract fragrance and inspires experimentation. Chypre has classic formulations of oakmoss, labdanum, and patchouli which meet sweet citruses with decadent florals or refined woods. They balance freshness and warmth with an urban and assertive edge. We love them for their film noir elegance, diffusive wisdom and sultry sexiness.

A traditional amber will feature labdanum, patchouli, vanilla, benzoin, and precious resins, sometimes with spices. Its origin is shrouded in history, likely stemming from a confusion between amber resin, incense, and ambergris coprolite. Perfumers embrace this ambiguity, crafting diverse ambers with variations on the original accords showcasing the ever-changing nature of this complex olfactory experience. Ambers are cherished for their luminosity, glamour and magical warmth.

This collection includes the eponymous classics from each family while also highlighting the ways perfumers have taken artistic license to reimagine and experiment with the origins.

Le Mat Mendittorosa Pumped Up Chypre

A powerhouse of a chypre. A boozy wondrous rose that swirls around patchouli and immortelle. A fragrant golden balsamic tone that basks in gentle geranium and clove. Warm, spicy and wise.

Sloth Zoologist A Feral Fougere

A complex blend of animalic, somewhat dirty notes come together as an unconventional chypre with a enticing twist of anise seed and mushroom. Honeyed hay and fragrant jasmine bring a fresh and uplifting energy, while violet leaf and marigold add golden tones.

302 Bon Parfumeur A Burrnished Amber

An elegant oriental and edible amber. Classic materials of patchouli, sandalwood and benzouin are all present in a heady woody performance. With the gentle inviting sweetness is created, not from vanilla, but from a white floral and coconut heart. Sensual and smooth.

Sogno Reale Mendittorosa Amber and a Salted Twist

A delectable and classic amber composition with labdanum, patchouli and tuberose bringing an earthy golden nuance. Balancing citrus tones of bergamot and lemon play in the background. While sea salt and sandalwood bring evocative and confident tones.

Fougère Royale Houbigant The Regal One

Here is the progenitor of the fougere fragrance. An invigorating blend of vibrant citrus accords balanced by complex and seductive florals from geranium, rose, and carnations. Warming spices of cinnamon are sweetly infused with tonka beans and patchouli. Sumptuous and classic.

Chypre Shot Olfactive Studio Chypre with a Coffee Kink

A celebration of chypre’s seductive powers. Enriched with amber notes, its sweet musky background is enhanced with florals of peony. Darker intriguing tones are brought by black tea and coffee. A mesmerizing symphony, a new take on chypre.

Chypre Charnel Molinard The Ultimate Chypre

A celebration of chypre’s seductive powers. Enriched with bergamot, its musky background is enhanced with patchouli and oakmoss for supreme sensuality. A mesmerizing symphony that evokes strength and femininity.

Ambre Nomade Elisire The Regal One

A delectable and classic amber composition with musk, ylang-ylang and vanilla for a sweeter golden aura. Bar the crafty additions of apple, apricot and cardamom this is a reference blend. Evocative and confident.

SAUGE Headspace Futeristic Fougere

A bright fresh take on the classic fougere formula. Where classic materials create a backdrop for an artful blend of frankincense, tonka beans and sandalwood. The effect is one of sweet fresh woods in the sunshine. Charming and revitalizing.