Powdery nuances theme

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In the haze of high summer, we are exploring the elusive powdery effect created by various materials and molecules. Such powdery nuances can be a delightful bonus or the perfume's main event, creating an illusion of icy or warming, sparkling stardust.

A powdery perfume can feel as though you are spritzing yourself with a gentle powdery dust; at once refreshing and soothing. Be it the delicious pollen from the flower, the powder coming from a make-up case, puffs of detergent, or dust from an old book; it’s an imaginary effect that can feel very real.

'Powdery' can apply to all sorts of materials. Bask in the bitter-sweet dusty aroma of heliotrope, or a delectably clean and contemporary sprinkling of modern musk. Mimosas’ and narcissuses’ can proffer a honeyed powder, whilst the humble yet effective carrot seed gives a dry, antique and calming smell. And finally, the distinguished orris often conjures that vintage make-up air of classic Hollywood.

Nightingale Zoologist A glamorous grandma's pressed powder

Telegrama Imaginary Authors Clean aroma of talc powder

In this formula the perfumer crafted an illusion of the clean aroma of talc powder as well as the crisp cooling sensation of fresh cotton bed linen. These nuances add a nice sentimental haziness to this herbaceous woody story.

A Sorta Fairytale in Hyde Park Strangers Parfumerie A nebulous floral

This is a nebulous floral composed of many flowers with a honeyed powdery edge: mimosa, narcissus, heliotrope and orange blossom. The perfume is intended to transport you to Hyde Park when all these flowers bloom. It is an over the top, joyous, cloud of endless blooming groves emanating with sweet pollen.

Nettuno Mendittorosa Carrot seed like star dust

A conceptual fragrance about a journey through space. Carrot seed, ginger and orris are used to introduce a sensation of sparkling stardust rustling against a spaceship.

Cinematic Der Duft The powdery effect of white musk

This perfume presents you with the modern experimental kind of powdery: abstract and clean – utilizing the advanced aromachemicals discovered at the end of 20th century. Cinematic is put together from an overdose of clean white musk, crisp hazy cashmeran, dry savory spices and a hint of carnation.

D600 CARNER Gentle haze of orris and summer in Barcelona

A beautiful homage to summer in Barcelona mimicking the lazy haze in a big hot city with powdery orris and dusty cedarwood.

Héliotrope Molinard Heliotrope dust

This perfume is a decadently melancholic dedication to the dusty bitter-sweet aroma of heliotrope.

Superfusion J.U.S White musk sparks

With Superfusion the perfumer’s idea was to create a sensation of ozonic sparks and exploding water dust in a cloud after the lightning went through it. That special effect is created from dusty heliotrope, invisible hedione and lots of powdery clean musk.

Chœur des Anges Atelier des Ors Dusty carrot seed and osmanthus

Chœur des Anges (Choir of Angels) evokes the sweet dust from angels’ wings as they settle on bright fluffy clouds. With honeyed orange blossom and sweet incensy whirls of osmanthus, rhymed with the gentle powdery aroma of carrot seed, this perfume whisks you up to heaven.