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In this edit, we invite you to explore the discreet, light, woody nuance that is cedarwood. It can be a fresh, almost camphorous woody note, or styled in a much warmer amber way, or it can even become a silky flowing background for a marine or floral.
There are several cedarwood varieties in perfumery: the most common ones are Texas, Virginia and Atlas with the rarer varieties being Himalyan and the Japanese Hinoki.
They are not the same plant coming from different locations though.
North American cedarwood varieties are actually junipers, the Texan Juniperus Mexicana and Virginian Juniperus Virgiana. You are likely to smell their dusty fresh and balsamic aroma each time you sharpen a wooden pencil. Indeed, the best pencils are made from Texas cedarwood.
Moroccan Atlas cedarwood, Cedrus Atlantica, is a pine not a cypress like its North American namesakes. It has a smoother ambery olfactive profile and is more expensive.
Irrespective of the origin and variety, cedarwood is perhaps the lightest woody note at the perfumers’ disposal.
You will find cedarwood supporting gentle florals, serving as a translucent driftwood element in marines, occasionally it’s part of soft approachable amber or it can lend its wild coniferous potential to a green woody perfume.
In this edit you will find a variety of perfumes with a distinct cedarwood element.


North Mendittorosa Essense of evergreens

Two cedarwoods meet in this perfume: the proper Atlas cedar and its Cypriat cousin, Virginia cedar. The perfumer's intention was to reveal the evergreen side of both. North refers to Scandinavia and its silent snowy pine forests. Clever highlights such, as aldehydes and florazone, represent snow and other materials to make up the green forest.

Lumberjack Cologne (Discontinued) Strangers Parfumerie Fully loaded and smoky

Around 10% of this formula is a Texas and Virginia cedarwood mix. It’s quite fitting for the fully loaded and smoky story taking place in the woods. A handsome lumberjack sets off on his wood-cutting errands in the morning (having applied his cologne) and comes back in the evening, smelling of gasoline (from the chainsaw), freshly cut cedar logs and the forest. Afterwards, he proceeds to bathe with smoky tar soap. Hints of this scented progress are highlighted in the perfume.

401 Bon Parfumeur Classic and warm

Classic and warm, 401 is an amber perfume on the sweeter syrupy side. Cedarwood helps lift the dense heavy notes of plum, incense, labdanum; a humble, yet important function.

Bataille Bastille Salty and sandy

A minimalist bracing marine fragrance featuring Virgnia cedarwood. But even such a concise perfume story can contain some drama. Bataille explores natures of water, fire and the energy of their interaction. This is reflected in the choice of notes: warming sparks of saffron, ginger, pink pepper and patchouli meet cooling sage, salty cedarwood, and the imperceptible hedione veil.

Brume d'hiver Marie Jeanne Carpenter's workshop

A simple composition dedicated to silent winter days in some cabin in the woods. The main body of this mist is North American cedarwood (exhibiting a dry, dusty character alongside smoky nuances/with a dry, dusty and slightly smoky character).

Flash Back Olfactive Studio Hiding in the background

Flash Back is a lovely fresh perfume which requires a very gentle background to support the main citrus and green leaves theme. Cedarwood is a perfect discreet yet supportive fresh woody nuance for that purpose.

Rock Star CARNER Salty driftwood

A refreshing marine perfume conjuring up aromas of driftwood and seaweed, alongside sun lotion and a cool sea breeze. The driftwood theme is executed with the help of Virginia cedarwood, which is well suited to its purpose due to its gentle, radiant and cozy character.

PG23.1 Jasmagonda Pierre Guillaume - Parfumerie Générale A foil for jasmine

PG23.1 features Himalayan cedarwood, Cedrus Deodara, closely related to North African cedarwood. This variety has a silky but somewhat dark balsamic character and blends quite well with the sultry night blooming jasmine, the other key element in the formula.

PG22 Djhenné Pierre Guillaume - Parfumerie Générale The opulent Atlas variety

Djhenné is a unique African city which has been built and rebuilt out of pressed sand for centuries. Atlas cedarwood in the perfume is a botanical reference set to transport you to the North African sands where nomads burn incense in the cool of the Saharan nights. The Atlas cedar has a rich ambery aroma but still feels lighter and more spacious than, for instance, sandalwood.