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A warming spicy perfume selection to balance the chilly winds and cold drizzle.

People have been fascinated by spices for thousands of years. Archeologists found vials with spicy concoctions in Egyptian tombs. The Romans used spices to speak to the gods and show off their status in society. The incense in modern Christian churches still includes spices.

Whole empires came about and perished because of the spice trade and subsequent spice wars. Indeed The Dutch East India Company and the British East India Company warred for decades over one tiny island in Indonesia, the home of nutmeg, before the Dutch traded it for the whole of Manhattan. If it weren't for nutmeg the USA as we know it would not exist!

Ultimately spices are tiny fruits protecting themselves with harmful, zingy and punchy smells and tastes against herbivores and bugs. As Humans, we're too big for these to be toxic but instead they leave us stimulated and amused.

So, we invite you to do exactly that, with the help of this edit; featuring perfumes with chili, pepper, ginger, cinnamon, and more, the whole spice bazaar to awaken your senses.

Spice Must Flow Etat Libre d'Orange Excessively spicy

This extraordinary perfume is a homage to spices and their role in perfumery, history and culture. Naturally it’s a majestic aromatic flow of cinnamon and ginger, with numerous sparks of pepper and a rich incense background. It’s amazing to think that a few millennia ago in Assyria and the kingdoms of Egypt people were pleasing their gods and noses with the same spicy aromas we like on our perfumes today.

PG02 Cozé Pierre Guillaume - Parfumerie Générale Nutmeg tobacco

A perfume with a strong nutmeg theme laced between a few varieties of tobacco and warm woods. The perfumer wanted to conjure up a scene where you open a humidor with precious cigars and inhale the beautiful spicy ambery chaos coming out of the box. Top notes: Indian hemp, patchouli. Heart notes: cocoa, nutmeg, pimento pepper. Base notes: blond tobacco, Bourbon vanilla, ebony.

RIMA XI CARNER Dreaming of spices

A spicy perfume doesn’t have to be bracing and fiery – tilt the balance towards some lulling soft nutmeg and sweet benzoin and the perfume feels dreamy and soothing like Carner’s RIMA XI.

Alfa Mendittorosa A saffron leather

A beautiful elegant leather perfume in which the leather nuance is derived from saffron and cloves layered on top of incense, oud and sandalwood. Top notes: ravensara, thyme. Heart notes: carnation, cloves, jasmine, nutmeg, saffron. Base notes: frankincense, Mysore sandalwood, oud, sandalwood, white musk.

Spice Surprise SweDoft Excessively spicy

Conditvm Paradoxvm or ‘Spice Surpise’ was a decadent wine recipe from ancient Rome. Wine would be infused with honey, dates and a variety of spices; a mix that would cost a fortune in antiquity. Legend has it that this excessive concoction would be served during Emperor Nero’s infamous orgies where the guests would indulge in drinking and other excessive pastimes.

Poivre Colonial Phaedon Paris Minimalist pepper

A minimalist pepper themed perfume appropriately titled – colonial pepper. This blend is a good illustration of how thin and gentle spices smell on their own and that truly punchy spicy blends are when pepper is mixed into some other much full bodied aroma; just like with cooking, spices need a base to be added too. However, Poivre Colonial could be an ideal, discreet, refreshing day-time office option.

Fareb Pierre Guillaume Black Collection Candied ginger

A perfume that gives off intense candied ginger vibes, juicy, punchy and delicious.

Spezie Lorenzo Villoresi Cooling cardamom and rosemary