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Bloom have picked for you the best of zesty citruses. Sizzle in style with perfumes featuring prominent notes of grapefruit, lime, mandarin, cedrat, bergamot, lemon, sweet orange, and a little bit of exotic yuzu.

The citrus aromas can vary from dry and crisp (almost woody) like bergamot, to fruity-sweet like grapefruit and orange, to the green sharp of yuzu, and even towards slightly floral, lemony shades.

Citrus fragrances give us a refreshing burst of happy vibes that switch on the summer mood. However, nature has not made citrus oils very stable, and they oxidize and disintegrate quite quickly. Perfumers do their best to prolong zesty stories with some complimentary fresh materials (herbs, woods, synthetics).

But expect only 2 or 3 hour longevity from a prominently citrusy perfume. This edit will cover natural citruses, pressed and squeezed into perfume notes, as well as fantasies such as grapefruit, still not available as a natural perfume material due to its instability. We also share insights into how and where citruses are extracted for perfumers.

Antigua Phaedon Paris Grapefruit Punch

A juicy, mouthwatering grapefruit illusion. The grapefruit note in perfumes is only a delicious dream. The naturally pressed grapefruit oil is too unstable to be used in perfumes (and instead is used for food flavoring). So perfumers rely on their skill, imagination, other citruses and clever synthetics to give us a perfect grapefruit dream. In Antigua, they achieved the grapefruit presence perfectly.

Arancia di Sicilia Perris Monte Carlo A Sweet 3-D Orange

A delectable citrus perfume featuring blood orange extracts sourced from Sicily along with coffee absolute and amber. For Arancia de Sicilia, Perris picked the iconic citrus of Sicily: orange sanguinella (the blood orange) sourced from a producer who uses two traditional methods of extraction. The first is to obtain the brown-coloured essential oil from the rind, without touching the fruit pulp which is used for drinks. The second method takes place when the growing season draws to a close. The entire fruit is passed through a press, blending oil from its peel with the juice. Then a sfumatorchio extractor is used to separate the juice from the pulp, and finally a centrifuge separates the oil from the juice. Perris blends essential oils from both methods to magically recreate the summer in Sicily with its oranges, strong coffee and sweet patisserie treats.

Natsumeku Parfum Prissana Sunny Yuzu

Yuzu is a citrus widely cultivated in Japan. There it is used in the ways similar to how lemon is used: in lemonades, desserts and ice sorbets. Yuzu is too sour to be enjoyed raw (it’s not like orange despite the lovely appealing orange color of its peel). Its aroma has not been compromised by being associated with house cleaning products (the unfortunate fate of the lemons). So perfumers use the yuzu note for refreshing dry citrus designs and they do not risk creating something that reminds of candy or window cleaner.

PG06 L’Eau Rare Matale Pierre Guillaume - Parfumerie Générale Smoked Bergamot Tea

We tried hard to find this ruggedly smoky bergamot for you. Bergamot can be a lovely confectionary opening in some benign florals. Not in PG06, where bergamot is paired with smoky tea, smelling like it has travelled from faraway lands across mountain paths and rough seas. This adventurous background drains all the sweetness from bergamot, leaving a nuance of quiet, dry citrus.

Oliver Strangers Parfumerie Delectable bigarade (or bitter orange)

Enjoy a delectable bigarade moment in the opening, fleeting but very nice.

Sunsuality Pierre Guillaume White Collection Lazy Lemon

This perfume is a relaxed stroll through a blossoming lemon tree grove. The perfumer deftly handles the lemon nuance (to avoid any association with household cleaning products) and does a brilliant job of interpreting it as the aroma of the lemon tree blossom.

L'Etrog (Discontinued) Arquiste Cedrat Rituals

A joyful refreshing fragrance that pays tribute to the celebration of the annual Calabrian citron (cedrat) harvest. L'Etrog starts with a zesty and tart opening of Calabrese cedrat and the zingy company of Sicilian lemon. Cedrats are huge citruses that look like lemons but are the size of a small melon. We almost never see them in supermarkets as most of the harvest is used for production of essentail oil.

Mandarino di Sicilia Perris Monte Carlo Every Mandarin Shade

Mandarins in this perfume come from southern Italy, with nuances supplied by green and yellow mandarins harvested in different seasons.

Limes Floris Heat Relief

Originally this formula was created by Juan Floris in the 18th century to be used to alleviate the summer heat in London.