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Reawaken your zest for life this spring as we bring you the best of citrus freshness, perfect for the joyful sunny days. Citrus notes in perfumery have long been associated with vibrancy and liveliness, the inspiration for the chosen scents in this pack. From zesty and juicy to clean and tart, this collection of refreshing fragrances showcases the variety of materials and extraction techniques.

Citrus oils are commonly extracted through cold pressing or sponge extraction techniques. Cold pressing involves mechanically crushing the outer layer of the fruit and collecting the essential oil that is released. Sponge extraction, on the other hand, involves soaking a sponge in the juice and rind, which is then wrung out to extract the oil. Both methods are used to extract oils from a variety of citrus fruits, including oranges, lemons, and grapefruits. The tricky nature and instability of citrus molecules means perfumers face a challenge in prolonging their longevity. To overcome this, they often incorporate fresh materials such as herbs, woods, and synthetics into the citric composition.

We believe the sizzling and stylish citrus scents in this edit are the smell of happiness, bursting with notes of revitalising grapefruit, tangy lime, juicy mandarin, sparkling bergamot and exotic yuzu.

Riviera Sunrise Atelier des Ors Orange oasis

This fragrance conjures the magic of sunrise on a Mediterranean seaside with a blooming fig tree in the background. The sparkling notes of basil and orange are perfectly balanced with the warmth of cedarwood and the softness of white musk. Riviera Sunrise is nothing but sensually refreshing.

Bergamotto di Calabria Perris Monte Carlo Seductive spice and citrus delight

Here, bergamot becomes romantic in its zestiness as it is paired with lemon and green tea, embodying the fragrant hot atmosphere of a Calabrian summer. An alluring quality that is sure to draw you in.

004 Bon Parfumeur Sweet and juicy

Fruity citrus freshness in a minimalist way. The delicate sweetness of peach and apricot is married with the zesty tang of grapefruit and lemon. The effect is an effervescent diffusion that radiates positivity.

Remarkable People Etat Libre d'Orange Zesty but sexy

A bold and flirtatious fragrance with fresh grapefruit and the seductive spice of black pepper and cardamom. A touch of woody and amber accords create a zesty, sexy, and unforgettable diffusion. Perfect for those who want to be noticed!

Limonsitano Strangers Parfumerie Blissfully herbaceous lemons

This perfume takes you on a tranquil journey through an Italian lemon tree grove. With a beautiful blend of lemon and grapefruit, the citrusy notes combine with delicate floral nuances of neroli and rose, evoking a warm summer evening on a Mediterranean coast.

PG09 Yuzu ab Irato Pierre Guillaume - Parfumerie Générale Sparkling spearmint and yuzu

The ultimate refreshing fragrance! A complex blend of spearmint and yuzu provides a zesty burst, while the floral heart brings a lush and aromatic quality. Prepare to be uplifted!

Bergamote Twist Jul Et Mad Revitalised by citrus

A perfect example of bergamot in an ambery state, with its characteristic clean and grassy nuance. From the spicy kick of cardamom and pink pepper to the rich addition of lavender and orris root, you'll be revitalised and invigorated!

Acqua di Colonia Lorenzo Villoresi Revitalising classical citrus

A burst of zesty, sun-drenched citrus fruits straight from the Italian orchards. A refreshing and invigorating blend of sparkling lemon, juicy orange, and tangy grapefruit. A true classic that energises and uplifts with every spritz.

Sal y Limón CARNER Beachside citrus bliss

Escape to a sunny beach paradise with Sal y Limon's tantalising blend of zesty lemon, juicy grapefruit, and a touch of salty sea air. Refreshing and invigorating for those with an adventurous heart.