The Coffee Aroma in Perfumery theme

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In this theme

There are several ways perfumers look at coffee. It could be the theme (or part of their perfume story). The perfume could be about walking in a café district, or about having coffee with nomads in the desert etc. In this case it’s important to recreate that particular brew and atmosphere and perfumers use natural materials that might remind you of roasted coffee (Peru balsam, tonka beans, modern complex accords etc.).

However, sometimes perfumers use natural coffee as a material/note purely for its aromatic value (soft woody with a bit of a smoky touch) but the story doesn’t have to be about coffee at all.

This edit and the corresponding sample pack look at various coffee scenarios: coffee as the main theme, a coffee note as a building block in some unrelated concept and there will be natural coffee extracts and complex blends (that actually often smell more realistic than the natural extracts of coffee beans).

Nanban Arquiste Merchant Adventurer's Coffee

Brewing coffee while ferrying exotic goods from faraway lands.

Civet Zoologist Civet's special coffee

What do civets (nimble cat like creatures roaming the jungle) have to do with coffee? These fascinating animals eat coffee berries as part of their regular diet. As the berries pass the digestive system of the animals the soft layers gets digested and the hard coffee beans part emerges on the other end. Apparently this process adds a unique and distinct flavour nuance to coffee and this one of a kind type of coffee is called Kopi Luwak. Civet the perfume is a unique rich leathery amber recipe with a soft echo of coffee.

SM Cafe Strangers Parfumerie Holographic coffee

A star of realistic coffee perfumes with the best, in our opinion, almost holographic espresso aroma accord. However, SM is not a flat boring coffee aroma recreation, there is much more going on, with leather, tobacco and a suggestive animalic nuance.

EL BORN CARNER Travel to Barcelona's cafe district

With this formula CARNER invite you to travel to Barcelona's café district. This perfume is a sophisticated gourmand in which Peru balm, vanilla and tonka recreate the sweet pastries and coffee aromas wafting from numerous antique cafes in the el Born district.

PG10 Aomassaï Pierre Guillaume - Parfumerie Générale Coffee and cake

A lovely story that smells like freshly made steaming coffee and cake. In this perfume the coffee/caramel duo is reenacted by tolu balsam and licorice.

Close-Up Olfactive Studio Ripe coffee berries on a tree

A perfume where coffee is just a material to make the story come about and the note of coffee is closer to what ripe coffee berries smell like on a tree. However, that juicy tart nuance adds extra volume to the dark soft woods in the core of the idea of this perfume.

Deer Wolf Brothers A coffee break in a forest

Sambaka Pierre Guillaume Cruise/Croisiere Coffee and just made orange juice

Coffeeze J.U.S Explore the Soho's cafes in early 60s

Quite possibly this perfume is a story about nomads in a desert treating a passing traveler to strong coffee, brewed in hot sand over an open flame. Coffeeze also has an interesting contrast between a very delicate coffee note and strong animalic vibes of Laotian oud… fine coffee vs. resting camels.