Burning Ben

Murakami Gourmand
Top Notes cherry cognac dark chocolate espresso hazelnut prunes saffron
Heart allspice blond tobacco burning tyre labdanum leather
Base Notes amber beeswax castoreum hay incense javanol patchouli

The LGBTQI series.

A gourmand perfume inspired by Murakami’s murder mystery and a Korean movie adaptation of that story – Burning (버닝). Ben is a mysterious character. Is he just a rich playboy or is he a calculating methodical maniac on the loose? Is there a chance he himself is a victim of a series of coincidences and how does someone reflect all of that in a perfume formula?

Apparently, like any good detective you will need a lot of coffee to make sense of such a complicated plot. Burning Ben opens with a huge, ultimately photorealistic and unique espresso accord. Later the formula becomes a dark and winding story of many rich woods:  labdanum, incense, tobacco and javanol.

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