Marlowe by Jardins d’Écrivains

A theatrical drama of leathery osmanthus and a hint of tuberose.

Christopher Marlowe was a playwright of the Elizabethan period, and his life might have been as interesting as any play, allegedly a spy and an atheist, having affairs with prominent men, decadent and thrill seeking and at the end assassinated by a mysterious killer. Then there’s a theory that he might have faked his death to continue to write as… William Shakespeare.

The perfume dedicated to such a character is quite Baroque, flowers morphing into a leather, apricots mixing with sweet myrrh, all wrapped in oakmoss. 


The Sniff on Marlowe by Jardin's d'Ecrivains: "The first few times we tested this scent, we didn’t understand the links to Christopher Marlowe, but by the third or fourth test we sort of did. Marlowe evokes that grand-costume-and-powdered-hair type era. It is theatrical and overblown. It has a definite and distinct personality. It smells of various shades of pink, white and violet and it really does not waiver from that path throughout." Read full review.