Rouge Avignon

Gourmand Floral
Notes amber black truffle cocoa beans musk raspberry rose sandalwood vetiver ylang-ylang

Rouge Avignon takes its name from Avignon, the city of popes. A gothic composition inspired by the carmine red of the papal stole. 

Opulent, rich and heavy it has a spicy floral opening with notes of rose, raspberry and ylang-ylang. 

The opening is followed by a gourmand accord of cocoa bean and black truffle resting on  a gilded, luxurious base of sandalwood, vetiver, musk and amber. Warming and a touch smoky Rouge Avignon is an intoxicating ornate composition and alternative to dull caramel florals. 

Also part of the Fruity Perfumes Pack for it's delectable raspberries accord. 

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