White Gold Rush | Золотая Лихорадка Белое Золото

by Brocard
White Woods
Top Notes grapefruit mint orange
Heart cinnamon patchouli rose
Base Notes amber suede white woods

This companion piece to Brocard’s Golden Rush is another masculine leaning eau de toilette that immediately feels cooler and more sparkling than its predecessor. Built in the same vein (using synthetic molecules to prove that mass market fragrances can be unique and interesting) Platinum Rush focuses on the interplay between warm woods, Nepalese rose, blood orange and blue mint. It’s bright and shimmering in the opening with a spicy hint that stems from both the cinnamon and patchouli facets. As it dries down it becomes more mineral, smelling something like the precious metal from which it takes its name.

Like all of Brocard’s scents Platinum Rush comes presented in a wonderfully over the top platinum flecked vessel.

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