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What makes a bestseller? We have observed how customers select perfumes in the niche world (with no heavy marketing or big brand pressure) for years. It seems that a recipe for a bestseller needs to belong to a familiar comfort zone but have a novel nuance - a subtle, intriguing feature that attracts attention. A bestseller also needs to be harmonious, and made from materials that correspond to the price. In this selection we have very expensive perfumes as well as budget options, but they're all good value for money.

This edit features the top choices that correspond to common requests: the archetypal aftershave/fougere, something fresh, something incensey, something sexy for going out, and something slightly adventurous (usually fulfilled by the smoky style).


Nanban Arquiste Rich incense

This beautiful, slightly smoky incense over sandalwood blend has been a bestseller for about 3 years now. Nanban wins hearts and noses with its finesse and reach, intrigue (the formula is complex and intricate) and with just the right amount of adventure (the smoky touch and the story of the seafaring merchants who inspired the name).

Wicked John Strangers Parfumerie Fougere for an elegant assassin

Elegantly adventurous, Wicked John has a smoky nuance of gunpowder layered over a familiar fougere structure.

Panda Zoologist Fascinating vetiver

Vetiver is an eternally popular theme when it comes to men’s perfumes. So one would think there is nothing new to invent with vetiver, but Zoologist manage to brilliantly build a whole green fresh forest for their Panda with vetiver roots. Panda is refreshingly green and airy like a bamboo grove, yet modern and urban (with the help of crisp iso-e-super).

Bois d’Ascese Naomi Goodsir Elegant smoky

One of the popular requests from men is “something smoky”. However, the smoke needs to be pleasing and wearable, rather than “bacon/barbeque” territory. Bois d’Ascese explores the inviting aroma of charred oak barrels, but from a distance…think of an esquire inspecting his distillery in the countryside.

Vetiver Santal Marie Jeanne Clean and fresh sandalwood

A perfect candidate for an everyday clean scent. What makes it so special and sought-after is the materials. Marie Jeanne is the house project of Robertet, a supplier of the finest natural perfume materials to the industry for centuries. The rare fresh and spicy sandalwood has been sourced from New Caledonia, and top quality ambery vetiver comes from Haiti.

Anatolia PRIN Incense feast

A rich incense created to indulge the senses, for which the perfumer carefully selected exquisite and delectable materials, rather than challenging and odd.

Silvestre Bravanariz Fresh on skin, gentle on wallet

An endearingly retro cologne, prepared in an old-school way in rural Spain. Silvestre comes in a huge bottle, is full of essential oils distilled by the brand themselves, and is a happy, casual mix of oranges, rosemary and evergreens.

Mandarino di Sicilia Perris Monte Carlo A delightful crisp cologne

When it comes to the most classic perfume theme - citruses - it’s the caliber of the materials and creative vision that makes the difference. Two challenges await the perfumer on the perfect citrus quest: avoiding the household cleaning products associations, and not making just another boring cologne. Perris treasure their materials, and make them the main theme of their perfumes. For Mandarino di Sicilia, they contacted traditional mandarin growers in Sicily and procured oils from two different varieties for extra intrigue in the formula. In order to ensure longevity, there is a soft radiant amber background supporting the sunny citrus core.

Color Feeling. Blue Brocard A dream value for money