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Another year around the sun and we’re excited to bring you the perfumes that have topped the charts at Bloom in 2023!

Popularity in perfume often comes down to three things. Firstly, well-crafted scents that are carefully balanced, versatile and not overpowering. Secondly, they resonate with a broad audience, fostering a connection to positive emotions or happy memories. Lastly, they are scents that might offer something new and different without being too challenging.

This selection is a wonderful window into what is popular in niche perfumery at the moment, one that will likely reflect the broader appetite of perfume lovers this year. Certain favourites have stood the test of time, but a handful of thrilling newcomers are making their mark. We notice a draw towards modern molecules with unique and distinctive compositions on the upswing. As well as a clear desire to embrace the ambiguity and buck the perfumed gender norms. Who said woods were just for men! What remains the same is the delight our customers have in the magical element of an exquisitely made fragrance of exceptional quality.

From green and fresh themes to decadent florals, we give you the fragrant champions of 2023.

Falling into the Sea Imaginary Authors A soft marine with a citrus twist

Hot sand accord and sea salt for convincing sea breeze vibes. Bright zesty citrus notes from lemon to grapefruit underlines the gentle sweetness of the lychee. This is an enduring favourite for its cool wearability and alluring niche status.

Bee Zoologist OTT sweet

A hyper realistic sensory experience where perfume becomes more than just about smelling good! Royal jelly, honey and benzoin inject a full gourmand beehive effect while warming sweet notes of vanilla and tonka beans meld with woody sandalwood and musk. Utterly enchanting and delicious.

Tabac Rouge Phaedon Paris A gorgeous spicy tobacco blend

For the fourth year running its Bloom's most popular tobacco. Delight in the magical way tobacco and honey combine to perform spicy, sweety, musky tone that is sensual and addictive. While an elegant infusion of ginger, benzoin and incense enriches. A stand-out signature scent.

You or Someone Like You Etat Libre d'Orange Fresh breath

Fabulously realistic with a smorgasbord of mint and eucalyptus. Married with shiso and green leaves to inject a full freshness effect while enriching floral notes of violet leaf are blended to create a woody transparent vibe. Truly one of a kind.

Beso Pasión Beso Beach So fresh, so summery

A showstopping hit from the moment of its release, Beso Pasión is a fresh, woody spicy dream of a scent. Where sparkling bergamot and blood orange meld with spicy cardamom. A breeze infused with sea salt, vetiver and fig is warmed by the delicious air of amber and cedarwood. Undeniably sexy.

The Architects Club Arquiste Smoked vanilla

With woody whirls of sweet gaiac wood, citrusy lemon and angelica root and some aromatic juniper this is at once refreshing and warming. Its long lasting beauty will reveal layer after layer of amber, orris and vanilla with a lightly smoky shade. Adored by those seeking the warmth of luxury.

FIG PORN BORNTOSTANDOUT Refreshingly naughty

Fun, fresh sweet figs – what’s not to love! Shining bergamot and pear are enriched by musky woodsy sandalwood. Milk accord, vanilla and roses blend for a joyful floral honeyed diffusion. The figs become juicy in the lactonic greenness. You just can’t get enough.

Tonkade Laboratorio Olfattivo Smells like gold

Soft and dark, sweet and sharp. Addictively warm and woody with tonka infused by vanilla and cedarwood. Candied fruit and spicy cardamom bring a complex smokey and honeyed tone. This is tonka like no other, sweet but in a delectable, sexy way.

Deer Wolf Brothers Sweet mountain air

Aromatic herbs, spices and cedarwood conjure fresh mountain air while musk, leather and hay illuminate and captivate. Blended with smooth and earthy patchouli to soften and relax. The effect is woody, sweet and heart-warming. What’s not to love?