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Bloom's carefully picked boozy perfumes stories that might remind you of whiskey by a fireplace, lighthearted cocktails in a Tiki bar, or a visit to a vineyard in the south of France, or conjure up entirely new adventure. 

In perfumery, boozy nuances are imaginary and come about either through material association (perfumes with juniper will remind you of gin), or because, for example, vanilla, tobacco and sandalwood together somehow create a rum illusion.

So we present you with a selection pf perfumes which have aromas of a pirate’s grog, the icy illusion of vodka, a Georgian rake’s gin, and more. The whole bar, pick your poison.

Cigar Rum Strangers Parfumerie Rum grog

You can easily imagine pirate’s grog in this perfume. Rum is an accord, though – not an actual material. This accord involves vanilla, surprisingly ylang-ylang, strong woods and perfumer’s skill.

Limes Floris Kamikaze martini

This perfume is like an olfactive replica of a Kamikaze cocktail, blended from equal measures of lime juice, vodka and orange flavoured liqueur. There is a generous portion of lime, triple sec is represented by neroli and petitgrain, while musk provides the boozy background.

Saint Julep Imaginary Authors Brandy & sugar cubes

This perfume is literally named after a cocktail: 2/3 bourbon over sugar cubes, plus mint and plenty of ice. With the help of a bitter, salty ambergris accord, Imaginary Authors add a nice touch of enjoying it on a veranda of some posh hotel by the sea.

Rake and Ruin Beaufort Gunpowder gin

Rake - as in a young debaucher wasting his inheritance. The word ruin alludes to the 18th century nickname for gin - ‘mother’s ruin’. To create this perfume, Beaufort fist blended their own gin. The perfumer used it as the inspiration for this composition, summoning a gin soaked, 18th century poker party complete with melting candles and gun duels in a wood-paneled gambling house.

Mojito Chypre Pierre Guillaume Cruise/Croisiere Strawberry mojito

A perfume that customers unanimously describe as “strawberry mojito”, and that was the perfumer’s intention. He wanted everyone to think of holiday, cocktails and carefree times. Some notes correspond to the actual ingredients in a mojito (lime, strawberry and mint) and some (aldehydes) contribute to that sensation of strong alcohol biting your tongue.

Or du Sérail Naomi Goodsir Tiki bar treat

This is an over-the-top Tiki cocktail. A perfume with notes of coconut, mango, apple and rum, drizzled with honey and garnished with candied oranges. Plus there is a tobacco sparkler decorating this epic of sweet fruity doom.

Opulent Wood Maison Sybarite Antique wine barrels

A story related to Sybarites, the legendary nation who made hedonistic indulgence their philosophy. One of their innovations was a wine-duct (it’s like an aqueduct for wine). Opulent Wood is a perfume formula that evokes the fumes emanating from the wine-soaked pipes made of oak.

SEX & COGNAC BORNTOSTANDOUT Usually consumed neat

Pink Me Up Atelier des Ors Sweet prosecco bubbles