Rake and Ruin

Gunpowder and gin
Notes animalic notes dark woods gun powder juniper leather smoke

Rake and Ruin, the second chapter in Beaufort’s revenants series. The story is not about a particular historical figure but rather it’s about a typical character from 17th century: a rake, short for rakehell or hell raiser (a man, an aristocrat who was habituated to immoral conduct, womanizing, debauchery, drinking, gambling, duels and so on).

Ruin as in “mother’s ruin” which was a nick name for gin in 18th century. Etymologists still debate as to the origins of this expression.

So from this new perfume one can expect debaucherous smoke, gunpowder, a bouquet of aromatic herbs, fresh woods, leather and animalic vibes.


The Sniff on Rake and Ruin: "This is liquid smoke in a scent. Think whisky by a bonfire, think winter nights burning twigs in the garden, think cordite and excitement and peeling your clothes off afterwards to find that the smell of the fire’s breath has stuck to your skin. Yes, Rake and Ruin nods towards debauchery, but it’s the smell of the bonfire that really holds true." Read the complete review.

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