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Clockwork Lemon

This cute tangy aroma delivers a sense of pure joy to all smellers - it charges people with positive energy.

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Cream-Shampoo Tangerine & Cinnamon

22|11 Cosmetics introduce an innovative shampoo with a cream like texture that's enriched with organic plant extracts for the intensive repair and nourishment of hair. The concentrated formula is very...

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O/E | Available on request

Pre-order only. Delivery 2 weeks O/E is all about paradoxes and oxymoron. It's halfway between acoustic and electric, digital and analogue, natural and synthetic, artisanal and industrial, outdoors and indoors,...

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Savon Quotidien

 The Daily Soap - a very mild soap intended for use on the body and hands. It's another organically sourced, cold process soap thats delicately scented with rosemary, lavender and...



Sunlight was commissioned by Brocard to Bertrand Duchaufour. It is their first experiment in the luxury segment and an approach to perfume making as conceptual art. To understand this perfume...

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The Nose Club Subscription

Join the nose-members only club if you are crazy about fine perfumery. The 6 or 12 month membership will enable you to get 2 x 10 ml bottles of perfumes from Bloom’s collection...

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Verveine Figuier

Verveine Figuier is a modern and special interpretation of verbena. With the help of fractional distillation the perfumer was able to capture the woody and spicy facets of verbena oil....

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Zest & Fizz Sample Pack

Celebrating high summer any time with a batch of astoundingly fresh citrus fragrances that fizz with zest and excitement. From scents with bergamot and lemon tops to those built around...