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5 citrus notes.6 fruity notes.5 rare perfume notes such as musk and amber.565 is a number from one curious story. The protagonist was neither that handsome nor rich but his name was Casanova.565 is...

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A new floral from Brocard and designed by Maurice Roucel (the author of Gucci's Envy, Rocha's Tocade, Frederic Malle's Dans Tes Bras, Guerlain's Insolence, and so on). Aphrodisia is a minimalist gourmand floral where...

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Bapteme Ambre

If we were to believe the historic anecdote: one of the most famous courtesans of the French Court used a similar recipe to seduce king Louis XV. Madame du Barry...

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Burning Ben

The LGBTQI series. A gourmand perfume inspired by Murakami’s murder mystery and a Korean movie adaptation of that story – Burning (버닝). Ben is a mysterious character. Is he just...

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Cigar Rum

Sweet tobacco and balsamic labdanum, spices, a rum accord and chill vibes.

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Coffee and Chocolate

A gourmand blend, dark coffee extract and bitter cocoa garnished with orange zest and spices, balanced and comforting, your portable imaginary café. Anna's blends are more like smell experiences or perfume escapes,...

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Coffee aroma in perfumes pack

This selection feautures both stories about coffee where this note is an fantasy accord and perfumes where coffee extract is literally part of the formula.


Endless Happiness

According to Swedoft, the formula of endless happiness is a balanced mix of the aromas of coffee, tobacco and vanilla decked with cinnamon sparks and a smoky echo of whiskey....

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Fruity Perfumes Pack

Explore the fantasy notes of fruit and berries: apples, strawberries, fig, cherries and more. Perfumers utilize the fruity nuances in many ways: to create dreamy orchards, to invite you to...


Hit the Mark

Blue line Perfumer: Philippine Courtiere This perfume is like a cake (if cakes could be made with floating layers of tropical flowers). Imagine waves of sweet and boozy jasmine, thick like...

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Ylang-ylang from Madagascar meets the Guara almond from Alicante. Ylang-ylang (which means «the Flower of Flowers» in Malay) was often used in the alcoves of harems for the aphrodisiac properties...

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Kiki Voile d'Extrait (Discontinued)

If the lavender and citrus opening notes of Kiki are the left bank of Paris by day, then its base notes of patchouli and caramel are the right bank by...

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