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Fog of dusk. The area surrounding the Italian village of Atri is famous for the dense layer of fog that descends at dusk and Aer takes its inspiration directly from...

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  Sparking and bright, Antigua opens with a tart and vivid fruity accord of grapefruit, bergamot, guava and lime. Antigua is inspired by the Caribbean island where guava and lime...

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This aqueous aroma will remind you both of the splatter of sea surfs and of delicate greens.

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Bamako Soap

Hand made in Montreuil according to traditional methods, Le Baigneur’s Bamako soap uses raw shea butter from Mali, honey and patchouli essential oil to help soothe and moisturise the skin....



Beaver  invites you to slip away to a cozy family lodge. A tranquil river encloses the den in its rippling embrace as it glides beneath the blossoms of lush linden...

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Berlin im Winter (Indigo RMX)

Get this perfume with 30% off in the Baruti farewell sale. Use code BARUTI30 at check-out. Applies to full size bottles and samples, while stock lasts. The bright blue summer...

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Black Vetiver

Fresh and bracing, the leaves of lemon tree give Black Vetiver a clean and smooth opening. Combined with the lemon tree, Javanese vetiver and a subtle tar note create an...

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Cendres de Thé

Cendres de Thé (Ashes of Tea) is a delicate blend of cardamom, rose and black pepper. The fragrance develops into a dry woody and floral finish of cedar, musk, ho...

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Chingis Han | Чингизхан

An homage to the classic aromatic fougère idea (think Azarro pour Homme), Chingis Han is essentially a woody oriental EdT given an distinct and fruity lift. The spice of the...

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Continental Roses Pack

Thanks to the wonder of Mother Nature, there exists many different types of rose, most of which smell remarkably different from each other; so it’s no wonder that there are...



The fiery wind of emotion is sure to super charge the owner of this aroma.

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Perfumer: Joseph DeLapp With Dodo Zoologist are venturing into fougeres. It’s a perfume style which is more than a century old but is so good it’s still very much en vogue....

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