Fabulous Fruits theme

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Sending a delightful goodbye kiss to summer with fabulous fruits: delicious mangoes, tart blackcurrants, ripe figs, juicy pears and some unexpected options such as pine resin with a surprising strawberry nuance.

How do perfumers put the fruit in the formula? Fruity notes are a product of aromachemical development in the late 20th century; often created from molecules derived through lab synthesis rather than distillation. Distill strawberries and you will get jam, not an essential oil useful to perfumers! (You can still distill the tiny seeds in the strawberries but the result is very far from the delicious aroma of ripe berries). As techniques and skills develop the good news is that fruity nuances are becoming more convincing, complex and sophisticated; especially in niche, artistic perfumery. Because small batch perfume houses can use really rare natural materials they can experiment and explore more freely. Indeed, as you will see in this edit, one perfumer was lucky enough to find a particular pine resin delivering the most extraordinary strawberry twist. 

So we invite you to pick your ripe fruit from this overflowing basket.

Cape Heartache Imaginary Authors Strawberry and pine cones compote

A curious woody perfume with the illusion of strawberry and pine cones compote. In the lands of eternal cold such as Siberia people end up making jam from what is available (pine cones mostly). However, the resin of the evergreen when boiled smells divinely fruity. This curious phenomenon is highlighted in Cape Heartache.

Beso Pasión Beso Beach Luscious fig

This perfume is inspired by a fabulous holiday destination that is the Balearic islands. In its fairly complex formula featuring spices, sun lotion accord and references to the lush Mediterranean vegetation, hiding in the background is a delicious fig nuance. Often fig is a go-to note for perfumers to instill that holiday by the sea mood.

Rasputin SweDoft Pineapple chunks in juice

A fruity incense with some ‘pineapple in syrup’ fantasy in the background. Perhaps the perfumer had in mind an image of Rasputin drinking tea in a dark room by candlelight; steaming samovar and sweet treats on an immense table in front of him.

Mad About You Pierre Guillaume Black Collection Ripe cherries

Boozy ripe cherries in a brandy fantasy. This perfume’s fruitiness compounds as a fruit preserved in something. In the case of Mad About You it's a strong liqueur!

202 Bon Parfumeur Succulent melon

Try for a succulent melon nuance with a hint of ripe mango. To make it airier the perfumer added a sea breeze note for that holiday vibe. Exotic fruity nuances are often used by perfumers to encourage our imagination to conjure up holiday scenes.

Meek Passion MINT An epic encounter of banana and vetiver

In this dramatic perfume a Godzilla sized banana note is wreaking havoc among rich glowing patchouli, spices of fire and melting pineapples until it trips over giant vetiver roots.

Ciel D’Airain Pierre Guillaume Black Collection Sweet conference pears

Try this perfume for the sweet conference pears note, you can almost taste the rough brownish green skin of ripe fruit bursting with sweet juice as you bite into it.

PG23 Drama Nuui Pierre Guillaume - Parfumerie Générale Peachy jasmine

Certain varieties of white flowers can display an interesting illusionary fruity nuance. For example jasmine grandiflorum, cultivated in the South of France, has a distinct apricot aroma. Drama Nuui illustrates this effect beautifully.

Aube Rubis Atelier des Ors Blackcurrant marmalade

In this perfume there is another woody material with a surprising fruity twist: patchouli. Top quality patchouli oil often has chocolate and tart fruity nuances. Occasionally perfumers encourage this with clever aromachemicals, et voilà you have convincing blackcurrant marmalade illusion in this particular blend.