Cape Heartache

Dive into some coniferous bliss
Notes fir balsam forest strawberry pine strawberry vanilla

“If you are looking for the pieces of a broken heart, you might try rifling through the twigs and needles on the forest floor.”

-Philip Sava

Cape Heartache is the lone American contribution to Philip Sava’s wildly popular series of exploration novels. It is based loosely on an expedition he made to the Pacific Northwest as a teenager in 1881 and is generally regarded as the most candid of his works. Revolving around a homestead he built in a coastal grove of old growth trees, the novel documents his romance with a young woman who was a descendent of the Nehalem Indian Tribe. It’s themes of leaving the familiar and finding comfort and solace in a new place still resonate today.

WHEN TO WEAR: For any new adventure including, but not limited to, beach bonfires, first dates, party crashing, or simply barhopping alone on a rainy night. Like a scarf, wear Cape Heartache in the fall and winter and observe how people gravitate to your warmth.

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