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There are quite a few options when it comes to smoky materials and notes in perfumery. Most of these acquire a smoky touch when extracted, save for castoreum which is designed by nature to contain pyrazines (pyro Greek for fire) so that secretion used by beavers to mark territory really stands out in the natural background.

The smoke agents (from the strongest to marginally smoky): birch tar, spikenard, cade, castoreum, labdanum, patchouli (some), sandalwood (some), and then you have all the fantastic accords such as gun powder, smoked tea and so on.

This edit features perfumes with materials mentioned above and is a good cut across the smoky dimension in perfumery.

Tonnerre Beaufort Sea battle: gun smoke, burning ships and brandy

Try for the artistic perfume depiction of a sea battle (with birch tar, pine tar and gunpowder accord.)

T-Rex Zoologist Lava and intoxicating flowers

Try for the smoky patchouli lava.

A City on Fire Imaginary Authors Try for a burnt match accord

Try for cade and spikenard.

La Fin du Monde Etat Libre d'Orange Gunpowder and popcorn

Woody Mood Olfactive Studio Burning old autumn leaves

Try for spikenard.

Honey and Tar Anna Zworykina Well-tarred barrels

No. 007 Floris Gin, tuxedo & a smoking gun

005 MECHANIC HUNQ Oiling his piston