For feeling naked
Notes black pepper cedar musk white amber

White amber, musk, pepper and cedarwood. An abstract, transparent but voluminous perfume with great projection. White amber is a complex radiant, sensual scent reminscent of warm skin, a bit salty and a bit mineral.

Censored is scent of a naked body, on the verge of decent, letting someone bypass and mask the layer of clothes... And get away with it in a city.

The amber effect in this perfume is acheived with a novel compound from IFF (quoting the producer: "The discovery of Amber XtremeTM in 2001 represents a triumph of structure-odor relationship intuition. It was a serendipitous discovery that manipulating Galbanum molecules into an ether moiety could lead to molecules with an amber odor. Pursuing this idea on diverse backbones, our scientists identified a plethora of new molecules. The insights gained from this unique structure-odor research led to the discovery of Amber XtremeTM, a uniquely powerful amber woody molecule. With expertise and perseverance, our chemists and process engineers developed a commercially viable process for Amber XtremeTM. A new star was born.)

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