PG15 Ilang Ivohibé by Parfumerie Générale by Pierre Guillaume

PG15 Ilang Ivohibé is the clever imagined scent of a rare fantastical flower, which only blooms on the tropical Comoros islands. 
A forest of vanilla and lavender transports you to another world, a world of uplifting and sunny Californian orange and Egyptian jasmine carried lightly on the breeze. An intriguing foreign scent drifts through the trees.
Creamy ylang-ylang plays the part of the mythical flower, beckoning you deeper into the forest, seeking the source of the alluring and unknown scent. Orris accentuates the aromatic facets of lavender, creating an oriental warmth. 
With a powdery base of dreamy yellow flowers, dusted with vanilla, Ilang Ivohibe is a true fairytale.