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What makes a bestseller? We have observed how customers select perfumes in the niche world (with no heavy marketing or big brand pressure) for years. It seems that a recipe for a bestseller needs to belong to a familiar comfort zone but have a novel nuance - a subtle, intriguing feature that attracts attention. A bestseller also needs to be harmonious, and made from materials that correspond to the price. In this selection we have very expensive perfumes as well as budget options, but they're all good value for money.

We've also noticed in this year’s ladies’ choices that roses are in and jasmine is out, despite several gorgeous jasmine releases. Is it fashion? Weather? Whim?

Quelques Fleurs L'Original Houbigant Modern vintage

A legendary formula from 1912 (and one of the first floral perfumes in serious commercial production in the modern sense of the world). It is mentioned in numerous guides and books on perfumery. Even though this perfume has been updated to suit modern tastes and regulations, its structure and style still channel the unmistakable retro oomph and white floral bouquet plenty. It’s a classic, the Eve of all modern white florals and it keeps winning over modern attempts at the same idea.

Bo-Bo CARNER Fresh floral intrigue

A unique citrus floral which teases you with waves of gentle citrus vibes, fresh floral nuances and light woody notes. It’s named after a dance and feels carefree and very often is selected by someone who asked for “floral but not sweet”, “fresh feminine” or “light floral” and is also a good alternative for someone needing a break from ubiquitous jasmines but who is not ready for roses.

Damask Ormonde Jayne Happy modern rose

A happy modern rose with a fruity touch. You've probably smelled similar ideas before, but what makes Damask stand out is the quality of the materials and a certain elegant generosity in the formula. It’s pretty, feminine and outgoing - without being loud and vulgar.

Holy Stick Chapel Factory Casual incense

Maybe it’s the title of this perfume. Maybe it’s the balanced casual character of this cosy incense blend. Somehow, ever since it’s launch at the end of 2020 its has become a hit.

Scents of Nature | Tomato Leaves & Blackcurrant (Discontinued) Brocard Realistic green at a great price

A masterpiece in the ever-popular fresh and green category for the irresistible price of £21. The tomato leaves note is always a synthetic fantasy and doesn’t need to be more expensive than that. However, Brocard adds natural materials as well for convincingly dewy garden vibes.

Bendito Beso Beso Beach Jasmine infused sea breeze

One of the few genuinely feminine marine perfumes. Beso Beach weaved magical fresh breeze out of gentle orange blossom and the most ephemeral part of the jasmine smell (the hedione molecule), floating on a mix of modern synthetics that have a clean cooling aroma.

Pure Lady SweDoft Sweet carefree meadow

A dreamy afternoon tea served in translucent porcelain, with scones, blackcurrant jam, and a bouquet of freshly-picked meadow flowers.

Bed of Roses Maison Sybarite Novel rose

A truly novel rose perfume in which rose blooms in an alcohol-free emulsion. The perfume caresses conceptually - and literally - as a bed of fragrant rose petals.