PG26 Isparta by Parfumerie Générale by Pierre Guillaume

The famed summer rose of Isparta, Turkey gives its name to the 26th fragrance from the esteemed Pierre Guillaume.

Specially picked early in the morning when their alluring scent is strongest, the half open petals still glistening with dew the Isparta’s summer roses has an intense, rich and lightly spicy character.

Opening with delectable red fruits, Isparta starts with a subtle harmonious sweet accord.

The mysterious character of the rose is heightened by balmy and resinous facets, veiling the rose with clouds of incense and smoked agarwood.

With a deep velvety base of amber and musk, PG26 Isparta is an alluring and bewitching rose perfect for exploring the darker side of spring.

Also featured in the Continental Roses Edit and Sample Pack.