Cool orchid meets oakmoss
Top Notes bergamot pear
Heart jasmine orchid
Base Notes frankincense oakmoss sandalwood

A clever chameleon of a formula, a gentle Catlea orchid put against oakmoss. Ajar is an androgynous and misleadingly transparent floral at the first sniff with some cool frankincense in the background.

Like an author can hide behind pseudonyms living many lives in literature this perfume has many identities: woody, floral, fruity and citrusy, all present but hiding behind each other at the same time.

Emile Ajar was one of the pen names of Romain Gary, a French diplomat, novelist, film director and World War II aviator (1914- 1980).  Hence the perfume formula being styled in the ways of understated mid 20th century Parisian chic. 


Fragrantica on Ajar:  "[it] is an interesting exercise not only in composing but also in wearing it. It shows a structure that seems to be like a layer of smoked mirrored glasses. It is a composition of many musks (the way I smell it), mainly white musks with a clean, transparent, glistening opening. It smells fresh, modern and very abstract. It's really comfortable but also intellectual. It appears to be minimalist, but it's not. There are many subtle layers to it. And all the notes are entwined so as to create a long development. The kind of song that is so slow that we seem to lose its rhythm. Remember the soundtracks by Angelo Badalamenti for Twin Peaks and other works by David Lynch? Angelo Badalamenti stretched each note and sequence in a way that we seem to get lost inside each song. That is what I feel with Ajar. The fragrance is present, but it is interesting the way it comes and goes, playing with my perception. From musk to woods and drenched in abstract molecules..." Read full review.

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