Rain drying on sweet autumn leaves
Notes angelica root choya loban choya nakh choya ral clay attar costus elemi Frangipani hops jasmine juniper labdanum lavender lotus mango tree leaves myrrh oakmoss oud pandanus patchouli rose saffron sandalwood seaweed vetiver violet leaf

Hue (the town of the dead kings ) is a city as well as a complex expanse of ancient ruins in central Vietnam.

The perfume is a super layered smellscape with scented references to the warm humid winds from the tropical sea, forest rivers teeming with crocodiles and creatures one would rather not meet, lush and shady jungle, ancient stones under scrorching sun and offerings of fruit bathing in mystical incense.

There around 30 natural ingredients in the formula, including very rate ones such as clay attar, seaweed and choya varieties. Choya Nakh for instance is what you get when you distill crushed sea shells.

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