Earth Laughs with Flowers
Notes amber ambergris benzoin castoreum cedar champaca civet Damask rose geranium grapefruit jasmine labdanum laurel lavender lily-of-the-valley malt mandarin musk peppermint petitgrain rosewood sandalwood vanilla ylang-ylang

A challenging complex perfume with a core created around 5 different types of lavender. It's not a lavender perfume though. The purple flowered herbs  are combined with absolute of Damask rose and jasmine grandiflorum together with ylang-ylang. This floral mix encounters a bizarre malt note, some Bourbon vanilla and a large group of resins and herbs. The Himalayan cedar-wood adds a bit of smoky woodiness and together with grapefruit creates a fizzy honey feeling and almost fruity edge.

MEM comes from the Indo-European word root that is at the base of many words linked to the idea of water, liquid, sea, fertility. In the Hebrew alphabet is the thirteenth letter and it means water with further meanings such as chaos, mighty, blood. Plus it has a beautiful sound and it's a palindrome word, same reading from left to right and vice-versa. This is somehow the effect of the perfume as well, really circular with no real beginning or end, masculine and feminine, dark and light, open and close...

Castoreum and civet in the formula are natural.

The absolutes are Jasmine grandiflorum from Egypt, extracted in France, Jasmine Sambac from India, rose Damascena from Bulgaria, lavender (lavandula augustifolia) from France and vanilla from Madagascar.

The other natural ingredients are ylang-ylang extra, signature Bogue’s benzoin from Thailand, Bourbon geranium from Madagascar and lavender AOP from Haute Provence.

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